When did the project end?

Final feather submissions closed on Friday 29 June 2018. Results from the project are available here.

I still have feathers, can I send them in?

Unfortunately no, as no more feathers are required.

Will I get information about the feathers I collected and posted in?                                                                                                  

Because of the huge number of feathers received, we are unable to get back to all feather collectors with information about their specific feathers or wetlands. However, key findings about the overall project are available here

What nuclear studies can be done on feathers?                                                                                                                                        

You can learn more about the research techniques on this page of the website.

Do you have information about incorporation of these elements into feathers according to environmental availability, bird health and absorption, species and feather growth cycles and you will apply it in the field? Or are you just getting this information from this study?

Essentially no, we don’t know about the incorporation of elements in relation to environmental availability – this is work that needs to be done, but is not currently part of this particular project. We can get an idea of bird health and conditions of the wetland where the feather was grown using ptilochronology (essentially the growth bars on feathers). This study is the first of its kind in Australia so we are learning a lot of new things as we go along.

Who do I contact if I have a media enquiry?

Please call ANSTO's Media Manager Phil McCall on 0438 619 987 or email feathermap@ansto.gov.au  

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