Results from collecting by citizen scientists in the South West Coast

  • 46 submissions where received from 36 wetlands
  • Samples were received from nine species
  • Rarely seen during the day, while it is roosting in dense foliage and only emerging at dusk, being able to track Nankeen Night Herons via moulted feathers rather than via sightings or tag-and-release will lead to more information about this elusive bird
  • Results showed that birds in local South West Coast wetlands travel far and wide across the country to the Murray Darling Basin, the North East Coast and the South Western Plateau (NT)
  • A pelican feather found at Shelley Beach in WA was grown in the Murray Darling Basin, while an Australian white ibis feather found in Heyfield wetlands in SA was grown in the South West Coast basin

Examples of feathers found in the South West Coast and analysis results

Wetland feather foundStateSpeciesDietBasin where bird came from
Herdsman LakeWANankeen night heronCarnivoreSouth West Coast
Shelley BeachWAPelicanPiscivoreMurray Darling Basin